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Today the residents of Auckland will be able to participate in a renewable energy project that will help them to save on energy bills.
In an effort to create a sustainable, more flexible and more livable city, Mayor Len Brown has launched the project of Auckland solar today in the House of point Chevalier par Mac Clure Ruth and Morpeth Tony.
"The objective of the project is the installation of more than 250 solar systems of heating of water in homes and businesses through Auckland this year," says Len Brown.
Next to the environmental benefits, the system can save the middle of the House $500 on their annual energy bill "."
Ruth Mac Clure and Morpeth Tony had thermal solar panels installed at her home last August as a case study for the project and they say that the system has been between 20 and 30 percent on their energy bill.
Auckland Council has simplified the process of consent and hired a solar energy expert to provide the specifications of technology best practices adapted to the environmental conditions of Auckland.
There is a significant variation in the quality of solar water heating technology. This scheme is aligned best practical technology with a wide range of financial options that make the facility accessible at the same time save you money on your monthly bill.
The pilot project was approved earlier this year by the Council of environment and sustainability Forum, and will be administered by company headquartered in Auckland, Solar Group.
"Solar Group offers a solution for the entire project to be able to sit while you are installing, and then see the lack of savings in," says Mr Morpeth.
The scheme is designed to make things easier for the owners of homes and businesses, with the Solar Group takes care of everything from installation to application for authorisation.

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