Heating your water doesn’t have to drain your wallet, it can save you money

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For decades people have been using solar water heaters to heat their water using the sun’s energy.  So, why is solar water heating becoming so popular?  Over the last few years the cost of energy has risen significantly, making the cost for heating your water more expensive.  If you have a swimming pool, you’ve probably noticed a staggering rise in your utility bills.


Solar evacuated tube collector diagram

Our solar water heaters are high-performance evacuated-tube collectors that supplement your traditional water heater by providing between 50 – 70% of your hot water needs even in Canada’s climate!  Not only are they cost-effective for homes, commercial businesses, industry or pools, but they also provide a positive impact towards our effort in combating climate change.  On average, each residential system reduces climate change emissions by approximately 1 tonne each year just by reducing the amount of natural gas or electricity you consume.  Over the lifetime of the system, that’s about 25 tonnes of climate changing emissions!  Additional environmental benefits include reductions of smog-forming chemicals and other upstream environmental impacts caused by other forms of energy.
Our system provides you with clean renewable energy and is quick to install, reliable, and requires very little maintenance.  Heat transfer fluid flows to your roof, through the solar collector where it heats up, and finally returns back to the solar storage tank that feeds your current natural gas or electric water heater.  Our automated controller tells your system how to operate.  For example, whenever you use hot water by taking a shower, the solar storage tank feeds hot water into your traditional water heater so that you use less natural gas or electricity.  Our system works well in conjunction with natural gas, electric, or even instantaneous water heaters to save both your money and the air we breathe.

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