Heat Exchanger Designs for Solar Water Heating System

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There are many designs for heat exchager. Following are some common ones:
Coil tanks
The heat exchanger is a coil in the storage tank. The tube may be a single (single wall heat exchanger) or the thickness of the two (the double wall heat exchanger). A low efficiency Another method is a collecting container with an insulating cover is placed on the outside of the coil.

Shell and Tube

Solar Water Heating System (1)

The heat exchanger is a separate (external) tank. It has two independent fluid circulating inside a box or case. A fluid flow in the direction opposite to each other, through the heat exchanger, wherein the maximum heat transfer. In a loop, a heated fluid (e.g., water) flows through the inner tube. In the second cycle, the heat transfer fluid flow between the reservoir and the water pipe. Tubing and casing must be made of the same material. When the fluid transfer manifold, or thermal non-toxic, the use of the double-walled tube, and a non-toxic fluid transferring intermediary placed between the outer wall and the inner wall of the tube.
Tube in Pipe
In this design, a very effective, water pipes, the heat transfer fluid is in contact with the other direct heat. In the direction opposite to each other on the water flow and heat transfer fluids. This type of heat exchanger there are two loops in a shell and tube heat exchanger is described similar to those.

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