Hawaii becomes first state to mandate solar hot water

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Under a law that came into force on the day of new year, new homes in Hawaii must have solar water heating systems.
Hawaii is the first State to have this requirement.
Rebates and incentives offered by the Hawaiian Electric Company utility and the State will be deleted, said Inter-Island Solar Supply manager Ron Richmond for the Honolulu Advertiser. The cost of solar heaters hot water - around $5,000 to $6,000--will be absorbed by the cost of new homes.
But, said Blue Planet Foundation, director Executive Jeff Mikulina, solar water heaters can save both energy pay for themselves in a decade. Invoices for public services of 30 to 40 percent reduction are standard, the newspaper, he suggested allowing homeowners to save about $750 per year.
There is a legal vacuum to the new rule: builders can install tankless water heaters, gas appliance install.
Homeowners who follow the law will contribute to the future of green energy from Hawaii, however. The State is the most dependent on oil in the country and pay higher electricity costs, saving money with solar energy will be welcome to residents of the State.

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