Factors to consider when installing a home solar power system

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Factors to consider when installing a home solar power system: Where is the solar power system used, how much power is used by the load? How many hours do you need to work each day, if you encounter rainy weather without daylight, how many days do you need to power the solar power system, DC or AC? Output? How big is the system output voltage.


Household solar power systems can be large or small, one or two hundred watts small, and several tens of kilowatts. For the family, the power generated by the system is too small, too big and wasteful, which requires designing a suitable solar power system according to the actual electricity demand of each family. In general, the following factors should be considered when installing a home solar power system:

1. Where is the solar power system used?

The climatic conditions vary from place to place across the country, and the solar lighting conditions vary greatly. The amount of solar radiation directly affects the amount of electricity generated by solar panels in one day. We will configure the most suitable system for you according to your country.


2. How much power does the load use? How many hours does it take to work each day?

The power of the load refers to the power of the appliance used. Knowing the time required to work, you can calculate the power consumption of the day. For example, the power of a laptop is 100 watts. If you use 8 hours a day, the power consumption of a day is 800W. When the power consumption of each appliance is added up, the total electricity consumption of one day can be calculated. So if you don't know how much electricity your home needs every day, you can tell us what appliances are in your home and how long your electrical appliances work.


3. How many days does it take to power a solar power system if there is a rainy weather without daylight?

Solar power systems can't generate electricity in rainy weather. This requires storing excess electricity when there is light. The number of days used in rainy days determines how many batteries to use. We will make appropriate adjustments based on the climate characteristics of your location.


4. Is DC or AC output? How large is the system output voltage?

Depending on the environment in which the solar power system is used, the output current can be DC and AC, and there are many different output voltages. For example, in China,, household electricity is 220V AC output.


5. The size of the installed site

Because solar panels are best required to have an unobstructed installation environment, it is also important to have enough space to install them. Generally, they can be mounted on the roof without obstruction and the roof space is large.



The components and functions of the solar power generation system are different. The choice of which specifications must be considered must be considered, so that a suitable household solar power generation system can be roughly designed.

If you are interested in buying a solar power system, or if you have any problems with the solar power system, please feel free to contact us.

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