Eskom aims to have 925 000 Solar Water Heater installed by 2013

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Electricity Eskom said that his aim was to have 925 000 water heaters (SWH) solar installed by 2013, which would be equivalent to nearly 578 MW energy savings.
The energy generator, said that since the launch of your SWH refund in 2008, around the 6.4 GWh had saved as a result of consumers who opt for solar heating of water instead of electricity.
Through the Eskom program subsidizes the purchase of the South African Bureau of standards approved solar systems.
Eskom increased the size of reductions in early 2010, which resulted in an increase in the installation of solar water heating systems. More than 33 000 claims have been paid to consumers that solar geysers installed in their homes.
Eskom said that it would continue offering discounts, provided funds are available. However, the level of subsidies expected to reduce year after year from 2011.
Discounts vary according to the size of the installed system and its associated electrical energy savings potential. Reimbursements ranged from 20% to 45%, or R2 to R12 500 500, depending on the purchased system.
Consumers who participate in the program of discounts of SWH utility could buy a system of solar water heaters suppliers, which would have responsibility to claim a refund.
The purchase price of registered schemes would be already discounted so that customer's disgrace at the point of sale.
So there were two ways to receive a discount on an accredited SWH. Previously, all clients participating in the program were responsible for claim reimbursement of Eskom after installing a SWH accredited of a registered vendor.
"It is up to the provider to claim the amount of the rebate from Eskom." It could not be easier. This new reimbursement process also reduces the payment in advance that the customer has to do ", said Eskom integrated demand management spokesman Nosipho Maphumulo."
Eskom said that it had 108 approved suppliers, 245 registered distributors and 124 registered independent installers registered in the program. To qualify for a refund, consumers would have to purchase a system of Eskom approved, installed by a qualified electrician.
If a provider was not selected to offer discounts to customers in advance, the client may claim a refund by filling in a form of reimbursement after the installation of your system. Forms should be sent to the Deloitte program Auditors within six months of the installation and the discounts were paid directly into bank accounts of consumers within eight weeks.
Maphumulo said that the complaints mechanism new where the supplier assumes responsibility for claim reimbursement, should contribute to further encourage South Africans to convert to solar energy.

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