Electricity and Solar hot Water Heater produced simultaneously

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Solar Flat Panel

The Italian Minister of economic development has published a final draft of the new nation of premiums for the solar photovoltaic (PV) generation. This V Conto energy project includes a system of registration of more than 12 kW photovoltaic installations, as well as the rates based on the capacity and performance based en
New standards impose a fee of EUR 5/kW for systems of up to 20 kW and EUR 2/kW for plants of more than 20 kW, as well as a production quota of EUR 0.001/kWh to be imposed from July 01, 2012. The inclusion of these relatively modest fees, rates in the new energy Conto represent only a slight reduction of the degressivity IV Conto energy instead.
The new policy will increase the funding for the program by 500 million euros per year. Conto energy V will enter into force as on 1 July 2012, or after the value of the annual IV Conto energy incentives soon reaches 6 million euros for 30 days.
Smaller systems is not included in the funding caps
New power tariff rates start at EUR-0.237 0.135/kWh kWh/EUR for photovoltaic installations on the roofs, depending on the scale and 0.229 EUR euros for plants 0.128/kWh ground mounted installed in the first phase in the second half of 2012.
I autoconsumo tariff rates of EUR 0.155/kWh of EUR 0.053/kWh on the rooftop photovoltaic plants and 0.147/kWh euros euros for plants mounted 0.046/kWh onshore, which says Jeffries offers a healthy incentive for the market of subsistence, especially given high of Italy rates retail electricity.
As with IV Conto energy, smaller systems are not subject to stops financing of programmes, that Jeffries State analysts will continue to support the expansion of smaller photovoltaic installations. However, the definition of these systems has become more restrictive, with smaller than 12 kW only excluded the registration systems.
The Ministry says that the performance-based fee applies to the costs of management, monitoring and control carried out by the network of the operator biancolceleste vom Servizi SpA (Rome, Italy).
Cost of the aforementioned program
The GSE cites a number of factors in support of the changes in the new law, including the significant drop in the price of photovoltaic systems, being Italy ahead of schedule in its aim of satisfying 26% of the production of electricity from renewable sources by 2020, and over use of agricultural land.
Perhaps the most significant is the cost of the program, which budgeted a price of EUR 6 to 7 billion a year, and gets close to this total.

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