Developing Solar Energy will be an Important for China

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solar energy is inexhaustible, in the middle of this century become an important source of energy. Chinese Academy of Sciences has formally approved the party began the implementation of the plan of action of solar energy by 2050 solar energy as an important long-term goals, and distributed by 2015 to determine the use of alternative use in 2025, 2035, the scale of use of the three stages of goals.
The abundance of resources of solar energy in China, land area of the country and two-thirds of the number of hours of sunshine annually at 2200 hours, the desert area, the development of solar energy has a great potential. The process of solar energy is clean, which can effectively reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
Solar Collector
Innovation in energy technology, Chinese Academy of the three focus areas of innovation, dedicated to saving, clean and efficient and comprehensive utilization of fossil energy technologies, while committed to the development of renewable energy technologies, to further strengthen the use of solar energy research and development efforts improve the utilization of solar energy in China in terms of innovative capacity and competitiveness.
According to solar research in China and the technology industry and analysis of relevant organizations of the Academy of Sciences of China Academy of Sciences, the experts, the researchers developed a plan of action of solar energy. Photovoltaic, solar thermal, use photochemical, optical and biological solar energy in a few important ways issues key scientific involved as a breakthrough, and in the investigation of the base and technology development, demonstration and transfer to the multi-tier application. Chinese Academy of Sciences will give the power to the hospital, and related technologies combines the national force, promoting the combination, as soon as possible can make solar energy an economy on a large scale of the use of energy.

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