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The shallow water of a lake is usually warmer than the deep water. This is because the sunlight in shallow water, which, in turn, the water heating heating the bottom of the lake. This is a natural way of solar hot water. Sun heated water can be used substantially the same manner used for construction and the pool.

Most solar water heating systems of the buildings have two main parts: a solar collector and a storage tank. The most common collector is referred to as a flat plate collector. Installed on the roof, which comprises a thin, flat, rectangular box transparent cover facing the sun. The small tube throughout the box a fluid - either water or other liquid, e.g. antifreeze solution - to be heated. The tube is connected to the absorber plate, which is painted black, to absorb the heat. As the heat accumulation in the collector, the heated fluid through the pipe.

Solar Hot Water

Then the tank holds a hot liquid. It may be just a modified after the water heater, but it is usually large and well insulated. Using a fluid other than water, the systems will typically water is heated in the tank, which is filled with a hot fluid through the coil tubing.
Solar hot water systems can be active or passive, but the most common is the active system. The liquid movement in the active systems rely on the pump between the collector and the storage tank, while the passive systems rely on gravity and natural circulation of water, because it tends to be heated.
Swimming pool system is simple. Pool filter pump is used to pump water through a solar collector, which is typically black plastic or rubber. Of course, the pool stores the hot water.

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