Delaware offers new renewable energy,Solar Panel incentives.

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The electric cooperative of Delaware (Greenwood, Delaware, USA)(UU.) He announced a new program that will provide incentives for renewable energy projects.
The program offers incentives for solar photovoltaics (PV), solar wind thermal, geothermal and fuel cell systems installed on December socio-propietarios. The program will accept applications for the granting of funding during the year 2012 calendar up the budget of this year of the program of USD 268,979.92 has been exhausted.
The program offers incentives to the two residential and non-residential members
Incentives are available in both residential as non-residential miembros-propietarios on the basis of the average demand maximum for a period of 12 months. Eligibility is limited to systems that are intended to provide energy needs in situ. Systems are subject to a variety of requirements for equipment, installation and warranty, including limitations on the orientation of the system and the shader for solar energy systems.
Class A proprietary members are defined as those with a maximum demand average monthly power of 50 kilowatts (kW) or less during the previous twelve months. Class B proprietary partners are those who have a monthly average maximum electricity demand of more than 50 kW in the past 12 months. Maximum incentives are up $7,500 to the class A and $10,000 for class B systems and non-profit.
Energy audit is required of incentives
Applicants may be required to have an energy audit done by a contractor Building Performance Institute (BPI), certified before approval is granted. Energy Star Homes may be exempted from this requirement. The solar thermal systems used for domestic water heating or radiant heating applications should reduce or eliminate the need for electricity or gas water heating.
Delaware energy processes Office applications and carries out technical revisions to the program. The rules of the program does not specify the ownership of renewable energy (CER) credits associated with the energy production system, however, net metering in Delaware customers maintain ownership of the regional economic communities, unless they voluntarily renounce that property.

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