DIY: Beer Bottle Solar Water Heater

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Ma Yanjun, a Chinese farmer from the Qiqiao villiage in the Shaanxi province, has done just that. Unlike the dreams of many men, the beer bottles aren’t filled with beer, they hold water and transfer the heat energy of the sun, turning the water into hot water – free of charge.

Ma’s 66 beer bottles, are connected by hose pipes and elevated on a board covered in alfoil. The board points north to collect the sun’s rays. According to Ananova, Ma’s system provides enough hot water for all three members of his family each day. With such positive results, it’s convinced many others in the Qiqiao village to follow suit.
DIY Solar Water Heater for his mother
When asked about his motive for building the system, Ma told the press “I invented this for my mother. I just wanted her to shower comfortably.”

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