Cut Bills 50% by using DIY solar water heater

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Those who are interested in the emerging field of green building has been known for years, the solar water heater is one of the easiest, most cost-effective equipment to get on the road to sustainable development of a home or business.

Solar Water Heater (1)

The solar water heater is very reliable, and can work in any weather conditions. They use the energy up to five times more efficient than solar power (photovoltaic) system. Typically, these systems (essentially solar collectors and a storage tank), in conjunction with traditional electric or gas water heater. The solar heat to pre-warm water, thereby saving a lot of energy.
In the past, solar hot water systems often leaking, failure-prone, but they have come a long way. Federal tax credits, plus state and local incentives, you can see that in a few years the financial return. Professionally installed solar water heater can run $ 4,000 to $ 8,000, but a more expensive (about $ 2,000), another method is now available for any reasonably handy person can install in a weekend.
The system will save the average homeowner is more than 50% of the hot water heating costs, according to the company, extend the life of the existing hot water tank.

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