Concrete solar panels ' PV confirmed resistance to heat

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In a temperature reference point, the photovoltaic Institute Berlin (PI) has found that photovoltaic solar concrete Solar (PV) maintain its performance at high temperatures.
By Kari Williamson
During testing, solar photovoltaic modules are placed in a climatic chamber and exposed to variations in temperature range from - 40 ° C to 85 ° C. In the final stage of testing of photovoltaic solar modules that stand close to 8 hours at a temperature of more than 85 ° C and an hour to more than 100 ° C.
Solar modules concrete ' PV were tested with third-party modules, and after tests, several modules exhibited physical damage and subsequent tests revealed a significant loss of efficiency from the panels concerned, according to the company.
ACE M 185 PV solar modules of concrete, however, left the climatic chamber without any physical damage and next flash test was the ability to unimpaired performance.

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