Complete Solar Power kits for homes

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The solar panel kit is becoming more popular among consumers because they are convenient. They are easy to set up and easy to use and they make life a lot easier.

Here are the different types available on the market

  • Grid-Tied Solar Power Kits

  • 3 Phase Grid-Tied Solar Power Kits

  • Off-Grid Solar Power Kits.

  • Hybrid Solar Power Kits

The fact is, everybody is got something to benefit from by investing in a solar power kit. To help you choose the best solar panel kit, we have compiled a list. Each kit is designed and compiled to help out around the house. It is your choice how you want to use them.


Grid-Tied Solar Power Kits

The Grid-tied solar power kit is the simplest of all solar solutions.

They comprise of panels, inverter, wiring cables that feeds into public grid. These kits generate power in the day and supply as much as what the load is demanding.

If you have high usage in the day such as washing machine, pumps, air conditioners in the day, this solution will compensate for the energy use and offer the highest return on investment. Often paid back within 3 to 4 years.

3 Phase Grid-Tied Solar Power kits

The 3 phase grid-tied solar power kit is usually intended for businesses, where their power supply is 3 phases and generally all the power is used in the day during work hours.

The beauty of businesses using their majority of power in the day offers the greatest opportunity to invest in these solutions with a very fast return. In fact, in most cases, it is cheaper to pay off these systems than on paying electricity bills month to month basis.

Off-Grid Solar Power kits

These solar solutions are perfect for homes or camping areas where there is no grid power. They cycle the power through the batteries into the inverter then to your load. They comprise of solar panels, charge controller, batteries and a battery inverter.

How Many Appliances Can I Run?

This varies with the size of your system, for example, with a 4kw system can run 4000 Watts worth of appliances at any one time.

Note: You can run all these appliances at the same time for 4 hours (estimated).


Watts (per hour)

Standard Fridge


Fridge Freezer


Personal   Computer


46″ LCD Flat screen   TV




Alarm System


12 LED Lights

240 (20 Watts   Each)

DSTV Decoder



977 watts


How Long Will The Power Last?

Approximately 5 hours at Peak Power during the day

Approximately 4 hours Off-Peak Power during the evening (backup battery power)

Hybrid Solar Power kits

The hybrid solar power kit is also common of all kits for homes.

These systems offer the ability to use the grid power, a generator, power stored from batteries and direct support from the solar in the day for the consumption load.

They comprise of solar panels, hybrid inverter with charger, battery bank and cables etc. Being that most people work in the day, their power gets used more at night, however, if the grid goes down, you will still have power from the system.



Here are some of the more serious Complete Solar Power kits for homes. Unlike the others on this list, it’s not portable, but it’s perfect for your home. You can use them to run anything you want inside or outside the house.

There are three different kits available, starting with the 1kW, then the 2kW, 3KW to 10KW. For further details, please check 

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