Commercial Water Heating Solutions

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This system provides small to medium size commercial projects with 60-80°C hot water.
SS Series Storage Tanks
Comfort Gas Water Heaters (up to 60°C)
Heatmate Gas Water Heaters (up to 80°C)
Hot Water Applications 60 - 80°C
Whether you need an intermittent, continuous (60-80°C) or fast draw-off of hot water, this system provides the hot water you need. For 60°C applications, simply connect one or more 'gaspros' Comfort or Heatmate Heaters to an SS Storage Tank.
Apartment Buildings
Processing Plants
Caravan parks
Save With Long Life Stainless Steel
Every SS Series storage tank is made from the highest quality marine grade 316L stainless steel. It carries a long 3 year manufacturers warranty which means a safer, longer lasting hot water system. 
Stainless steel is a natural barrier against corrosion and will withstand hot water temperatures without deterioration which means your maintenance costs are lower than anode protected tanks.
Make Installation Easy
Being a modular system makes the system easy to install.
When using a Heatmate on the SS series storage tank it is available in inside/outside models. A Comfort Gas Burner is suitable for outside installation only. These options allow you to maximise space where you need it most.
Have More Hot Water
Each storage tank has 50mm inlet and outlet connections as standard. This allows you to have high pressure hot water very, very quickly. Each storage tank can be connected to an energy source of up to 564MJ/h which means you never run out of hot water, even during the heaviest draw off.
Modular Versatility
Space and flexibility of use is an everincreasing demand on building designers today. At 'gaspros' we have designed our systems to be unmatched in versatility.
By separating the functions of storing and heating water, we have created a modular system that can be added to at a later time for increased capacity or located remote from each other to match your specific needs.
Select the combination of SS storage tanks and Comfort or Heatmate gas heaters to suit your current demand. If you upgrade your facilities later, additional tanks or heaters can be added as the need arises.
Add the Savings Of Solar
The energy and environmental savings of a commercial solar package can be added to the system to save money on your water heating energy costs. 'gaspros' can match a package specifically for your project.
Full Back Up Support
Our experienced technical personnel and authorised Service Providers will give you quick, friendly and accurate service.

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