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Free solar energy solar collectorThe advantages of solar water heaters, is obvious. Energy saving, environmental protection and safety. Its structure can be roughly divided itself into the following categories:
By the collector part:
Vacuum tube collector solar system: the highest absorption efficiency of the collector part has the advantage of it, and must not to increase the insulation layer in the collector range, and now the vacuum glass tube on the resistance to high temperature, anti-strike and insulation manufacturers are the best, but also the vast majority of the solar system. The disadvantage is that the volume relatively large, easily scale tube assembled is.
The metal plate solar system: excellent heat transfer performance of plate with heat-absorbing coating, metal heat transfer covered, and transfer the absorbed heat in the tank. It of a little nice appearance, ease of installation, can in tablet form to be made, and not easily damaged. Disadvantage is that: the isolation of a high price, high costs to spend, indirectly is to increase the burden for consumers;
2 from the category tree:
Ordinary solar system: vacuum glass tube inserted directly into a water tank, heating of water cycle water temperature in the tank, which is the current producers have adopted. Is also a popular to the most conventional water heater. Generally the class of water heater only the top level can be used, unless, the top level user and you downstairs in particular iron, and the roof is limited.

Split Water Heater: The split-type water heater solution is not the top-level users can also useNon-pressurized solar water heater the birth of solar water heaters. Split cycle of two kinds, on natural cycle of water left, this water heater heat exchange efficiency is to very low, far away, to meet the water loop heat exchange, which is the natural cycle of the efficiency, another is at the pump left to solve the problem of the low pumping cycle, significantly improve can water heat exchanger.

3, under pressure from the tank to:
Pressurized solar water heater: Currently, no matter what kind of split water heater, there is a fatal mistake, must a pressurized, the basic idea of all split water heater is a direct test of the collector part of tightness, high costs for the manufacture of pressure vessels, there are security issues, the General requirements for printing 7 atmosphere; Cycle is not very satisfying. Although the rules of the water cycle and water use, the convenience of.
Non-pressure solar water heaters: Ordinary solar system installed on the roof of all non-closed Trinkwassererwärmer, water tank, a tube with the atmosphere are connected, is the height of the roof and at home, with water pressure. His safety, cost, life as too much important than pressure. Unfortunately, the roof is limited.
This, I believe friends about solar water heaters have a provisional, to know, why then not to a balcony about benefits of solar system divided. Not only easy to install, but also not printing and cheaper prices. The advantage of this water heater is: the high price of the shortcomings; are high to the solution of the pressure vessel manufacturing costs, As a result of not under pressure water tank, safety performance has may to raise a large; Inner tube forced water circulation may improve more to water heat exchanger as well so that the limited time of exposure, the temperature of the water is greatly improved Host installation inspection, all in the factory, to the General water heater installation before to solve local (install) depending on the quality level of the fitters defects; install is modular built up a two or three to be chosen the length of their own balcony. Manufacturers have already begun free solar system the production of this balcony.

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