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Solar Water Heateing


Four companies of California utilities and gain have not launched a campaign at the State level to publicize the benefits of the solar water heating and discounts that are available to the State of the technology. (CSI) Thermal the California Solar Initiative program offers rebates of up to USD 1875 for single-family residential systems and $500,000 for commercial or multi-family buildings.
The five organizations are the administrators of the CSI program thermal, including the California Center for sustainable energy (CCSE, San Diego, California, USA)(UU.), San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG & E, San Diego, California, USA.)(UU.) Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG & E, San Francisco, California, USA.)(UU.), Southern California Edison (SCE, Rosemead, California, USA)(UU.) and Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas, Los Angeles, California, USA)(UU.).
"Earth month is the perfect time of year for people to think about what else can do to use energy more efficiently and reduce emissions," says the Director of SoCalGas commercial and Industrial Services Marelli of Gwen.
"Solar water heating is a great way to do both." "The discounts that are available in the program help CSI-thermal to the purchase and installation of more affordable classification systems".
Companies note that there are requirements to qualify for a refund under the program, and that the discounts are based on the amount of use of the energy of the system can be moved. Discounts also to reduce the basis of the quantity that the program has disbursed in four stages.

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