Benefits of Solar Water Heater

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Supporting Clean Environment:  Solar is a clean energy. Powered by such energy, solar water heater does not trigger any emission, nor pollution, like do the other similar products - electric or gas powered. Therefore solar water heater is the most eco friendly water heater.  Although due to the solar energy  availability it is always advised to have a back up water heater, you will anyway lessen your carbon footprint anytime you use your water heater.

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Good investment: Depends on the hot water consumptions in your home, your solar water heater can save you some $ 500.00 a year on energy bill. Although the initial cost - such as components and installation- is more expensive than buying conventional water heater, investment of solar water heater will generally payback after a period of 2 - 4 years. Once you have a solar water heater installed in your home, you will be enjoying hot water that will not charge you any energy cost. By using solar water heater, you may also qualify a federal income tax credit.

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