Application of solar water heaters in residential buildings

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Solar energy is a renewable and clean energy source. Currently, no country in the world is equipped with a domestic hot water system in every family home. And there are more and more families who choose and use solar water heaters. At the same time, the installation of solar water heater and where to install it has become an important issue that people need to face and solve. In order to solve this problem, the integration of solar water heaters and architectural design has gradually become an inevitable trend.


一,The type of solar water heater

There are many types of solar water heaters. Different solar water heaters are suitable for different residential buildings and different usage requirements.

1, according to solar collectors, can be divided into vacuum tube solar collectors and flat solar collectors.

2, according to product structure, can be divided into integrated solar water heaters and split solar water heaters.

3, according to the type of water tank pressure, can be divided into pressurized type solar water heaters and non-pressurized type solar water heaters.

4, commonly used solar water heaters has integrated non-pressurized solar water heater, integrated pressurized solar water heater and split pressurized solar water heater.


二,The composition of solar water heaters

Solar water heater is mainly composed of 3 parts: solar collector, solar water storage tank and bracket. Additional piping, control systems or other accessories can be configured. If necessary, you can also increase the auxiliary heat source to avoid the solar hot water system being affected by the weather.

To achieve a perfect combination of solar water heaters and residential buildings, in the appearance, the solar collectors in the split solar hot water system can be properly placed on the roof, balcony, wall or other parts, and ensure the weighing and waterproof functions of the residential buildings. There is not affected. It is also necessary to fully consider the ability of solar water heaters to withstand strong winds and hail.


三,The applicable conditions of solar water heaters

   The integrated non-pressurized solar water heater is automatically watered by manual water supply or auxiliary water tank. Low price and easy installation, suitable for installation on the top floor of a building or multi-storey building. Because the hot water out of the non-pressurized solar water heater depends on gravity. The higher the installation of the solar water tank, the greater the pressure of the hot water.

Application of solar water heaters in residential buildings-1

The integrated pressurized solar water heater has low installation requirements. Whether it is a building or a flat, it is suitable for installation. Such as townhouses, villas, multi-storey homes, etc. Suitable for users who require high temperature and water pressure for hot water.

Application of solar water heaters in residential buildings-2

Split solar water heaters are also suitable for buildings such as townhouses, villas, rural residential quarters, multi-storey residential buildings, small high-rise residential buildings, etc., which require high temperature and water pressure for hot water and meet the integration of solar water heaters and buildings. Solar collectors can be placed on roofs, balconies or walls, and solar tanks can be installed on the ground or in houses.

Application of solar water heaters in residential buildings-3


Solar water heater systems and residential integration have a variety of technical options for different climatic conditions, building structures and user demand for hot water. In short, efforts to improve the technical level and adaptability of solar water heaters, so that the organic integration of solar products and buildings has been continuously improved and developed. At the same time, it can also be combined with other heat sources.

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