About 500 solar water heating divisional members nation-wide attend the SOLTRAIN

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Shop of South Africa knowledge of solar thermal and experience gave him an "injection of energy", when 37 leaders in the industry of water solar heating and the academic world sat down to attend the third SOLTRAIN course technical training in Pretoria today (February 15).
The objective behind SOLTRAIN (Southern African Training Solar thermal and the demonstration initiative) is to contribute to the transition from a power supply based on fossil fuels to a system of sustainable energy supply based on renewable energy sources through the development of the capacities of training and improvement of the quality, performance and service life of solar thermal systems.
At the same time, SOLTRAIN expected to create new jobs in small and medium-sized enterprises, and to initiate or strengthen the mechanisms of political support for solar installations. The ultimate goal of the project, which is sponsored by the Austrian Agency for development (ADA) is installing 50 systems in hospitals, orphanages, homes for people of advanced age and HIV / AIDS institutions to increase their standards of hygiene and significantly reduce the cost of energy to heat the water.
The project focuses on three groups - training institutions, such as universities and other training institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises working in the field of solar water heaters, and policy makers and administrators. All-in-all, will attend the nine courses SOLTRAIN.
Delegates from welcome to the University of Pretoria, headquarters of this course, SOLTRAIN Coordinator for Southern Africa, Dieter Holm told them that he would work with the wizard of TSOL simulation program to design, simulate and evaluate various solar cooling systems based on controlled cooling thermal technologies such as coolers Ab-/ Adsorption desiccant and cooling by evaporation (DEC) with liquid or solid sorbent.
This hands-on experience under the guidance of experts who attended the race, said, in case of being very valuable for all delegates.
Delegates have been extracted from the countries that collaborate with ADA - Argentina (society of southern Africa sustainable energy and the University of Stellenbosch), Namibia (Polytechnic of Namibia), Mozambique (Eduardo Mondlane University and N & M Logotech LDA.) And Zimbabwe (Solar domestic heating). Their participation is being coordinated by ESA, the Institute for sustainable Austria technologies.
"SOLTRAIN is at once inspiring and ambitious project," said the Ambassador's society of southern Africa sustainable energy: Solar water heating, Irvan Damon.
"In the course of the project, not only a complete report solar thermal market is drawn up for each participating country, many solar thermal systems of different sizes will be monitored and analyzed to determine their suitability for the climatic conditions of South Africa often variable and difficult."
"Comprehensive training for production, installation, and implementation of solar thermal systems and then becomes that small and medium-sized enterprises will be able to install 50 demonstration systems in social institutions, and then passed to extend its reach and influence in their communities to provide thermal solar solutions, while job creation."
"In this way, the objectives of tail of milano SOLTRAIN with SESSA, a non-profit organization dedicated to the creation and the continued growth of an authoritarian renewable energy Center", said.
With nearly 500 members of the solar water heating of the divisions throughout the country, strives to increase and enhance the growth of the sector of the renewable energy in southern Africa, and attract good investment opportunities for the benefit of all South Africans and the environment. SESSA also works in close collaboration with Eskom to run its program of discounts, since only accredited installers SESSA can be used by end users who wish to benefit from the regime. It is also a main SOLTRAIN implementation partner.

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