A Homemade "Factory" Solar Water Heater

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Heat Pipe Solar Solar CollectorTo be accepted for solar technology, it must be affordable, but while great pains, well designed many manufacturers to develop functional products, they are often short to still bearable cost effectiveness.
Part of the problem is that a substantial part of the cost is in the Assembly. Many solar enthusiasts bypassing this integrated thorn by making their own system components, especially the collectors.
Understandably not all of us, the capabilities - or the time and desire - have however required to design and build a state-of-the-art solar panel from scratch. However, Kit installation in the area is of even a novice do-it-yourselfers... and by giving our experience with a typical piece-together Panel, we can you decide whether this alternative is your cup tea.
PURCHASED and built
Strictly speaking, our test collector has come not supplied as a kit. Instead it was sewn and local together by mail order available manufactured parts. Solar components Corporation, p.o. box 237, Manchester, NH 03105, proved products for everyone an excellent source of solar energy available to be, although it is possible, with a stamp to certain parts directly from the manufacturer the convenience of shopping by E-Mail from a business may, ' t be overlooked.
For the same reason, it is pointless to send away for common items that are in your area. A look at our materials list to determine which parts of the best in the own bought.

Be aware that the panel we built is similar — if not nearly identical — to the flat plate hydronicSolar Thermal Collector collectors sold nationally by manufacturers and distributors. Our goal wasn't to make any technical advances, but to reduce costs to "volkspanel" proportions.


It is obvious from our view that there is not a whole lot to this project. In fact, apart from cutting the engine framework, isolation and connect the fintube, assembles, and glazing - the head - it will not require, that you competent in all shop be a skills at all.
Nevertheless, we go over some of the finer points, so there will be no surprises if you are of strips of aluminum and copper surrounded. First of all, the aluminum flange in 13 come "4" lengths and need to make with a Eisensäge on miter cut, to the collector box this way can be used to make plates of standard sizes. Up to 4 ' x 9' - with two frame rails. Assembly, we opted for a simple, around the corner-key design that fastened together with push-in angled use.
Our glazing selection was Kalwall Sun-Lite HP... a high permeability, fiberglass-reinforced polymer, which is very popular at solar site builder. Because this material 0,040 "thickness required that two aluminium angle supports created frame below of sagging plastic to prevent." Alternatively, we would propose to cut a single sheet of double strength glass, fit to the finished opening.

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