5 Major markets to grow solar hot water

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The Tradewinds Aparment Complex with Solar Hot Water

1. Buildings of apartments for rent. Most of the buildings of apartments in the United States.UU. they have natural gas central heating water systems. Among tenants showers, washing machines and dishwashers, building owners are flushing a large part of their income for rent down the proverbial drain. If you have the space in the ceiling, heat stroke, and space for a solar storage tank, solar hot water is a breeze.

Hotel in Spain with Solar Hot Water

2 Hotels. When you think about the needs of hot water from the hotel, you think in sheets, towels, table cloths, dishes washing service rooms and restaurants, not to mention a swimming pool. The margins are much thinner that without a system of solar thermal energy that lasts 20 years or more. In addition, the hotel can promote their care of the environment by going solar thermal. Talk about the advantages of water hot free and call a Manager.

Laundromats- no-brainer for commercial solar hot water

3 laundries. Laundry service are an obvious choice for the installation of solar hot water. Your business is based on hot water... and your water heating bills. A size of the solar hot water system can reduce the heating bills of water in an average of 70% throughout the year. And don't forget, free hot water of new pre-made with multiple collector and the option of tank systems to simple proposals.

A nursing home waiting for Solar Hot Water

4 Nursing Homes.  Like hotels, nursing homes have diverse needs for solar hot water. It’s a combination hotel, hospital, and restaurant, serving the food, sterilization, and bathing hot water needs of its elderly clients, 24/7. Typically, nursing homes are built on a single floor, allowing for significant area on the roof for a solar thermal system. As Medicare reimbursements continue to decrease, solar hot water savings will enable these businesses to save more of their slimming margins.

A hospital waiting for some Solar Thermal Medicine


5 Hospitals. Hospitals have the same needs of solar water heating as the nursing homes, but their needs are greater in all senses. The good news is that its size generally allows an area of huge roof of multiple buildings, so the logistics for the installation of solar thermal systems in a hospital does not have a complex of apartments of high space limitations. While not-for-profit hospitals, may not be eligible for thermal solar tax credits, the good news is that their advice can have a green benefactor of mentality that the update along with other energy efficiency projects could be financed.
All of these places - and more - are ripe for solar thermal energy. It is not difficult. In fact, free hot water, even has pre-made commercial systems that can be installed in less than a week. Yes, it takes time to reach the decision makers for the case, and not all qualify. However, they show the numbers in the first place, and take it step by step. Free hot water is always here to help.

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