3000L solar heating solution for hotel water

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With the rapid development of the hotel industry, the hot water supply system of modern hotels is an essential and important facility. The quality of hot water supply directly affects customer satisfaction with the hotel. 1st Sunflower will combine more than ten years of design practice on solar heating systems, and recommend a solution for solar heating hotel water that improves the quality of hot water use, reduces energy consumption, and reduces operating costs in the design of hotel hot water systems.


Stephen from Madagascar plans to install a solar heating hotel system in his hotel, which can use sufficient local solar energy resources to heat hotel water. It is hoped that this system will effectively run water for his hotel while ensuring stable water temperature. Can reduce costs for him.


How to design a complete solar heating hotel water solution?

Stephen's hotel has a total of 25 rooms. The hotel has enough roof space for solar water tanks and solar collectors. Considering that Stephen's hotel is a resort hotel, the solar system design should be perfectly integrated with the hotel building. It will not only be practical, but also become a very attractive architectural landscape.


We use Madagascar's meteorological data as the design basis:

3000L solar heating solution for hotel water

According to information provided by Stephen, the hotel has a total of 25 rooms with 2 people in each room, and about 50 people need hot water. Then the hotel needs to provide 3000L of 60 ℃ hot water every day.

Combined with the sunshine conditions in Madagascar, we designed a 3000L solar heating hotel water solution for Stephen.


The system operation diagram is as follows:

3000L solar heating solution for hotel water-2

The design uses 10 sets of solar heat pipe collectors and a 3000L non-pressure hot water storage tank. Two copper coils are set in the water tank.

The bottom coil is used in the solar collector cycle heating system. When the temperature difference between the solar collector temperature T1 and the water tank temperature T2 is greater than the set temperature difference value, the solar circulation pump R1 is turned on, and the water tank is circulated to be heated. Until the temperature difference between T1 and T2 is less than the set temperature difference, R1 stops working.

The top coil is used for hot water supply. It can supply high pressure hot water directly, which reduces the equipment cost and operating cost of the hot water supply system.

At the same time, in order to ensure that hot water can be supplied at any time, electric heating or gas can be combined as auxiliary heating to meet the needs of guests.

If the hotel can provide guests with high-pressure hot water, because the guest enjoys a good experience of comfortable hot water, he will be satisfied with Stephen's hotel services and facilities and visit again.


This solar heating system solution is suitable for most hotels and needs to be designed and configured according to actual conditions. At present, the system has been successfully run and used, and has been affirmed by Stephen. If there is a similar heating project, you can contact us. We will provide you with a satisfactory solution. More solar water heating solutions are here:

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