$25 million left for state solar water heater rebates

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The State confirmed that it is $25 million remaining for C sales Government plots ' enough to give homes and businesses around 55 per cent of discounts expected before the Florida Rebate Solar program ran out of money in 2009.
Patrick Sheehan, the new director of the State Energy Office, said the Senators on a power panel Tuesday that more than $ 6 million in reimbursements has been distributed in the energy efficiency of air conditioning systems, leaving $25 million for solar rebates.
On the other side of the Capitol Tuesday, President of the Commission of public services of art Graham backed measures to conserve energy, according to the news service of Florida, but policies discouraged to grow the State supply of renewable energy on the backs of consumers.
State legislators in November accepted more than $31 million in funding from federal stimulus for energy efficiency rebates, but that requires air conditioning system of bonuses will be financed in the first place, then solar.
Thousands of Florida residents that installed solar water heaters, panels or heaters pool in 2009 waiting for a refund from the costs were hanging in the reimbursement program solar expired last year.
"Some of them have been waiting for too long", said Sheehan. The State is not taking new applications for the rebates, but sending checks to home and business this month that have already been approved for sale.
Florida Power & Light also launched a pilot solar rebate program this year offering $15.5 million for solar systems installed in homes and business owners. The demand was much greater for discounts of solar panels, which spent $5 million that had been reserved for solar rebates from the water heater to solar panels at the end of August.
Installation of a series of solar panels on the roof is usually much more expensive than the installation of a solar water heater, so it is unclear why the demand was much higher for panels.
Funds for all the cuts this year have been reserved, except rebates for solar water heaters installed in companies.

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