25 billion kwh electricity costs saved by solar water heaters

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"More than 2.5 million people in the installation of solar water heaters across the country, Savings of 250 gigawatt hours of electricity each year." the semi-official said yesterday.

Eskom as one of agents to install solar geyser by an initiative for solar water heater cost. Its purpose is to install one million of those solar collectors by 2014.

Solar Hot Water Heating Systems

Solar water heater plans, funding through the state treasury and rebates. Eskom is responsible for managing the fountain device rebate. Has been in a corresponding reduction in evening peak hours in the week of 46MW of demand, Eskom spokesperson Hillary Joffe said.
Solar water heater rebate ranging from a small, low-pressure heaters, 300-liter high-pressure system. Eskom, said that the Minister of Finance, the distribution plan for the next three years one hundred million U.S. dollars at the end of March 2015. "
Solar energy makes you save more.

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