2012 flat plate solar collector Market

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2012 flat plate solar collector Market


Europe and America have a market share of solar water heaters more than 90%. Under this situation, so solar energy companies are on increased investment in flat plate solar collector in recently years. From the 2012 annual meeting for solar thermal reports it appeared that flat plate solar water heater has a growth of 40%. We are sure that a significant warming of flat plate solar collectors.


Flat plate solar collector with matured technology
Early flat evacuated tube solar collector business line, began manufacturign since 70s of last century with a long histroy of 30 years. In year 1986, China issued the flat-plate solar collector technical conditions. Day by day flat plate solar collector's efficiency increase, solar absorption rate compare with original from 86% to 96.5% Currenty. Flat plate solar collector technology has reached a very high level.
Flat plate solar collcetor can be seen everywhere
From the performance of solar market, and the north of the Yangtze River where can see that flat plate solar collectors are installed everywhere. Some for residential installation, someone install flat-panel console purchase choice, some flat-panel are used for floor heating. 
In a word, solar energy with flat plate solar collector will have a bright future for 2013.

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