Cómo elegir un acondicionador de aire solar

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Cómo elegir un acondicionador de aire solar

Sunlight is a free and infinite source of energy. Solar energy does not produce air pollution or hazardous waste. Solar air conditioning makes sense because it is usually the hottest in the sun... and when air conditioning is most demanded! Switching to solar energy can cut your heating and cooling costs in half.

With the spread of green energy and increased affordability, many homeowners are considering solar air conditioners over other cooling devices. Before you commit to using solar air conditioners, please understand what information is relevant to your final purchase decision.

Currently, three types of solar air conditioners units are available for central HVAC systems.

1. Solar Thermal Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner

This system uses solar energy to assist the compressor in conserving power by using solar collector panels. Please note that this system requires an electricity supply to operate.

2. Solar Photovoltaic Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner

The hybrid system uses solar energy when available and replenishes it with conventional power (alternating current) as needed, and does not require a battery. During the day, solar energy provides 90% of the system's electricity. At night, it switches to regular grid power. One advantage of hybrid systems is that they also provide heat during the winter months.

3. 100% DC48V Solar Air Conditioner

100% unit running on solar energy uses a DC power supply. These are called "off-grid" because they do not require power from utility companies, for example, they do not have to be plugged in. They use only DC power (from solar panels) and use an external battery backup (usually suitable for about 8 hours of operation). Even when the sun is not shining, the battery will continue to function, just like at night.

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