ational solar power chooses SolarWorld modules

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Solar Flat Panel

Announced on April 5, 2012 national solar power Partners LLC (Melbourne, Florida, United States), that it has selected SolarWorld AG (Bonn, Germany) for photovoltaic (PV) modules for three projects in the amount of 700 MW in the development in the State of Florida provide.
National solar power explained that she signed the order with SolarWorld, which could include millions of PV modules, after a lengthy test including visit of the SolarWorld PV plant in Oregon, United States.
"We are excited about this partnership, a great cultural fit between our companies is thrilled," said national solar power CEO James Scrivener.
"We help make the United States which are obliged world leader in renewable energy, and this partnership gives us the building blocks, to produce clean energy at home." Best of all, we are using US technology, create thousands of jobs for Americans and to ensure US energy security and independence. "
Hensel Phelps PV projects to build
The PV projects in 20 MW segments on around 80 hectares more to be built. National solar power expects with which, later in the year 2012 begin construction of the first 200 MW project in Hardee County, Florida.
The other projects are a 400-MW project in Gadsden County, and a 100-MW project in Liberty County. Hensel Phelps construction company (Greeley, Colorado, United States) design, build and operate all three plants.
National solar power reported that they signed current collection contracts for more than 3 GW PV installations in the southeastern of United States.
The company has recently announced the creation of green infrastructure partners LLC, which says it offers a platform for institutions and accredited investors in renewable energy infrastructure projects at low risk to participate in.

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