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 Solar water heaters for winterIn an aggressive attempt to convince them more South Africans to buy and use solar water heaters Eskom is boost the cash-back rebate consumers are offered.


Currently an average returned spent of Eskom by 20 percent of the money on a solar water heater to the buyer, selon spokesman Andrew Etzinger.


Tomorrow, the current is a new giant due to announce higher discount level.


"This is in the hope of increasing distribution of solar power in South Africa," Etzinger said yesterday.


The discount system is - for two years running, aims to elicit the desired response failed. In the first year, Etzinger said, about 600 transactions were recorded. Last year more than doubled the number to 1400.



"That is good on the share," said Etzinger.



"Set the objective it is, thousands of households get install solar water heaters, and we plan to much more aggressive."



The solar water heater program is one of several from which to Eskom demand side management project. The aim of the various measures is lower electricity demand by the public. Eskom before recent huge hikes in electricity costs fall announced for the next three years.



Solar are water heaters, but "definitely a winner", said the potential Etzinger and had to shave power 70 percent from a geyser.  


Solar water heaters use electricity for a back-up system for cloudy days.  


The industry has no time to Eskom decision market wasted.  


Solahart, one of the industry's big players, que le calculated new discount system could have increased fast 000 from R5 000 to R12. Is this a 300 litre geyser, about R33 500 retail based on, said Kristia van Heerden in the name Solahart.  


"We have long beens calling for a greater discount," said Jim Hickey, Managing Director of the selected energy (provider of Solahart products).  


"In the solar water heating industry, higher discounts are the inclusion of solar water heaters the most effective way of improving." "We believe that this step will go a long way in alleviating some of the Versorgungsdrücke Eskom was experienced."  


People consider buying a solar water heater need to research to do and find a registered supplier. Van Heerden Eskom said General made two payments within few weeks after purchase.

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