Solar Water Heating For Commercial Projects

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 Solar Water Heating For Commercial Projects


Using solar energy for your business is a cost-effective way to dramatically reduce or eliminate your monthly energy bills. Whether you use solar energy to generate your own solar hot water, use solar heating or cooling, or use solar photovoltaic systems to generate your own electricity, solar energy is ideal for any business - regardless of size. Here we talk about solar water heating firstly.


Solar Water Heating for your Business

Many companies use hot water in their daily operations. Showers, bathrooms, cleaning, cooking, manufacturing - these are just a few examples of areas where hot water is needed every day. The use of oil, propane or electricity is an ever-increasing cost of producing such hot water.

The vacuum tube collectors are capable of producing water temperatures up to 170°F or higher for a wide range of weather and temperature ranges. So when you're in a harsh northern climate or a temperate climate, our solar collectors will generate free hot water all year round.

Solar heating systems will continue to provide free hot water in the coming decades - which means no increase in costs. This will immediately cut your energy bill, which means more profit every month.

They can be used effectively in any climate with little maintenance or operating costs. Typically, commercial solar heating systems will include solar collectors - typically vacuum tubes - storage tanks, as well as a set of pumps and controllers to operate the system.

Business Applications

Process Hot Water

One of the newer and more cost effective methods of using solar hot water is for commercial and industrial processes or preheating applications. Today, many companies use large amounts of hot water during manufacturing, cleaning or sensitization.

Compared to other industrial or commercial hot water systems, solar water heating systems are installed faster and at lower cost. The energy saving effect is very significant, reducing water heating costs by 70% or more.

These systems can quickly recover costs and get a return on investment in just a few years. The solar hot water system works in conjunction with boilers and other conventional systems to maximize the life of other systems and increase overall efficiency by allowing the solar thermal system to handle most of the work


While the use of solar energy for commercial laundry applications seems futuristic, laundry owners across the country have been using it for many years. Instead of using electricity, gas or oil to heat most of the hot water needed for these facilities, these savvy business owners use the free electricity provided by solar energy.

Since the solar water heating system can continuously heat water for free, it can significantly reduce operating costs, thereby increasing profits and maximizing the return on investment of solar water heating systems. On average, commercial laundry facilities are expected to generate a return on investment in just five years.

Using solar energy to fuel your hot water will also help create a cleaner environment and show the community that you support green and sustainable business practices.


Since all hot water restaurants and other food service venues are used for cooking and cleaning, many owners have turned to solar hot water systems to help them keep restaurants clean and sterilized. Normally, the temperature must be set much higher than the temperature required by the home, so companies can more easily pass the health committee's inspections.

Since the solar water heating system can continuously heat the water, it can directly reduce operating costs and increase profits. If the owner promotes the restaurant's contribution to a cleaner environment through the support of green and sustainable business practices, the new system can generate more traffic.


Commercial solar heating systems allow you to use solar energy for free hot water, which greatly reduces your company's energy costs. Whether your business is small or large, solar heating systems can help you.

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