Solar Water Heaters for Schools soon

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Solar Water Heaters for Schools soon


By increasing spread of national waterborne viral diseases, social activist new initiative is the establishment of a national solar water heater in the school's deamnds. It has been passed by the government and education authorities.

Solar Water Heater (12)

It has set up a school of the solar water heater cost in the five regions. The highlight of the project, each child in the school time could get hot water. 
According to Commission on Human Rights has said that students must provide water to boil up to 80 degrees Celsius. "In a normal water heater safety as they can not remove the tiny insects and virus diseases caused by water should be boiled and students must be given water when they need it. Project has been approved by the education sector and the region many of the management are prepared to implement the project in their respective schools. A solar water heater costs of $20000 each school and money is always a problem.
However, there is a solution, the funds collected by the school's alumni and former students, from the budget, alumni, members pay only Rs 350 which will be all the burden.
The project will be implemented in 120 schools, will expand to other areas. "The project has been materialized in Ernakulam District and several other schools five school year will have facilities".


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