Skom sweeten to solar water heater deal

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Skom to sweeten to Solar Water Heater deal In an aggressive demand to convince more South Africans including, buy and use solar water heaters is Eskom boost the cash back rebate consumers are offered.
  Currently an average returned spent by Eskom water heater by 20 percent of the money on a solar to the buyer, according to spokesman Andrew Etzinger.
  The current Giants is expected, that on Wednesday announced a new, higher level. "This is in the hope of increasing acceptance of solar power in South Africa", Etzinger said.
  The discount system has for two years running, but it has failed to elicit the desired response.
  In the first year, said Etzinger, approximately 600 transactions was recorded. In 2009, the number has more than doubled to 1 400.
  "On the share, that's good," he said. "But the goal is to thousands of households have solar water heaters install and we plan a lot more aggressive."
  The solar water heater program is one of several from which to Eskom demand side management project. The goal is to lower electricity demand.
  Eskom has announced recently huge hikes in the cost of electricity over the next three years.
  Solar water heaters are "definitely a winner", said Etzinger and had the potential to 70 percent from a geyser electricity shave.
  Solar water heaters use electricity for a back-up system for cloudy days. The industry has no time to Eskom decision market wasted.
  Solahart, one of the industry's big players, calculated that the new rebate could to increase from almost R5 000 to R12 000. Is this a 300 litre geyser, about R33 500 retail based on Kristia van Heerden by Solahart said.
  People consider buying a solar water heater need to research to do and find a registered supplier. Van Heerden said Eskom rule made payments two weeks after purchase.

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