Precautions for installing solar water heaters

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Precautions for installing solar water heaters

Domestic solar water heaters are generally based on integrated types. Whether it is a vacuum tube or flat plate solar water heater, the following aspects need to be considered for the installation location.

1. Consider the convenience of installation and the arrangement of pipe fittings.

The installation of the integrated type first requires a platform or roof that can be weighed. Install the solar collector on the sloping roof, and connect the water tank with pipeline.

2. Consider lightning protection and wind protection.

The installation location of solar water heaters must ensure lightning protection, especially in areas with frequent thunderstorms. If the building does not have lightning protection measures such as lightning rods, it is necessary to increase lightning protection settings. Wind-proof factors should also be considered, especially in coastal areas, to strengthen the connection between solar water heaters and buildings.

3. The most important consideration for solar water heaters is the light factor.

The installation position of the solar water heater must get the largest possible light area and light time, but it does not affect the lighting of other objects.

4. Safety requirements.

When installing solar water heaters, consider whether to ensure the safety of the system, will not cause safety hazards, or violate other regulations.

In addition, the hot water pipes of solar water heaters should be as short as possible to reduce heat loss and ensure the use of solar water heaters. At the same time, the amount of water stored in the pipeline when it is idle is minimized.

Solar water heaters are used in areas with icy periods in winter to prevent freezing and damaging the water heaters and pipelines. It can be drained and not used in winter; or use antifreeze as a hot water system for heat exchange; or ensure that the medium in the system is always circulating; or install an electric heating device to prevent freezing, etc.

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