Let us introduce two types of solar water heating system

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Most people know to use solar water heaters, becasue it is very easy for usage. But they don't know the types that they use. With the time goes by many different types of solar hot waters and solar collectors are put into market. So people always get confused to choose the solar water heating system. Here we'd like to introduce two systems to people.

Direct solar water heating system

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Water is heated by vacuum tubes and then stored into the hot water storage tank, it adopt the principle of thermosyphone, but after a period of long time scaling gets stared inside the vacuum tubes and water tank and it needs maintance the solar water heaters if the water quality is not very good.
Sunflower Solar type consists of collectors, hot water storage tank, inter connecting piping and immersion heater, it heats the water directly. And our system have magnesium rod for improving the water quality and increase the lifetime of storage hot water tank.

Solar water heating system (4)

Indirect solar water heating system
The water is heated inside the hot water tank itself. The coolant is used as a semi-heating and hot-water storage tank between the collectors. The coolant is anti-fouling and anti-freeze. Therefore, no maintenance.
Sunflower Solar types is made up by collectors, insulated with heat exchange piping and electrical connection between the backup tank, hot water tank, which 
direct water heating. Recommended for the bad water quality areas and cold weather region.

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