Introduction of household solar heating system

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Nowadays, solar energy technology has been widely used, and the most suitable solar energy product for people to live in is the solar water heater. Not only that, solar technology has been cited in home heating. Every family wants to have a good heating effect in the winter, and they will buy a variety of different heating equipment to heat the room. The cost of electricity generated over time also puts a burden on the family. The solar household heating system just helps people solve this problem, and efficiently uses solar energy to convert into heat energy to meet the needs of people's home heating. Let's take a look at the solar heating system.


1. What is a solar heating system?

The solar heating system generally consists of solar collectors, hot water storage tanks, controllers, circulation pumps, expansion tanks, connecting pipes, auxiliary heat sources and other accessories.

The solar heating system mainly uses solar heat pipe collector or vacuum tube collector as a heating tool to obtain the heat converted by the solar energy on the collector, and uses the circulating liquid as a heat transfer medium to transfer the heat to the water tank through the circulation line. After the water tank is heated, the heat is transferred to another circulation line to heat the room. It is common to heat the floor and install heat sinks.

2. The principle of household solar heating system

The whole process of home solar heating is that the solar energy is absorbed by the collector and transfers the heat to the flow channel. When the circulating fluid passes through the flow passage, it is heated, and under the action of the circulating pump, heat is transferred to the heat exchanger at the bottom of the water tank through the circulating pipe. After the water tank is heated, the hot water in the water tank rises to the top of the water tank, and is heated again. The second heat exchanger is connected to the connecting pipe in the room, and uses the circulating hot water in the closed pipeline laid under the floor to heat the floor, and conducts the heat from the ground and the law of upward heat radiation from the bottom to the top to uniformly heat the room.

Introduction of household solar heating system

In rainy weather, the solar heating system can be combined with any energy such as gas, heat pump, electricity, etc., automatically switch auxiliary heating, form a hybrid heating system, run around the clock, reduce the cost of use. In this way, the solar heating system will be intelligent, bringing comfort and convenience to home heating.


The household solar heating system is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly heating system. The most efficient use of solar heating can safely and reliably avoid the pollution of mineral fuels to the environment and the danger of traditional gas heating poisoning. Use solar heating systems with confidence to provide a comfortable and safe environment for home heating.

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