How To Reduce Heat Stored In Attic

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How To Reduce Heat Stored In Attic


Hot air in the roof space can cause various systemic problems throughout the home. While you may not be aware of the effects of heat in the roof space, the consequences are obvious when you end up paying thousands of dollars for climate control, home repair and replacement. Managing the heat of the roof space can be tricky, but fortunately there is an effective and cost-effective way to reduce the heat in the roof space and save your money.



Why is there a problem with the roof space heat?

The heat in the roof space will quickly build up and upgrade. When the sun hits the roof surface directly, it heats the air beneath the roof surface. In the roof space sealed to the rest of the house, the air temperature in the roof space can rise rapidly because there is no chance for the hot air to escape without ventilation.

Excessive heat from the roof space can make your home cooling system works difficultly and damage the roof structure. The hot air trapped in the roof space acts as a thermal insulation material that heats the rest of your home through the ceiling. If you want to cool down your home, then the heat of the roof space will increase your home's cooling costs, which will cost you hundreds of dollars, just to make your house comfortable.

Overheating of the roof can also damage the physical structure of the roof. Excessive roof heat can cause the roof to cover warping, causing the roof trusses to deteriorate over time. In winter, lack of ventilation may mean that heat is trapped in the roof space, causing ice dams, which can costly damage the roof. Excessive heat in the roof space contrasts with colder outside air, which can lead to condensation, which can also cause water damage and decay on the roof or elsewhere in the home.

Solution: Attic ventilation

Because of the potential cost of utilities and the damage caused by the heat of the roof space, thousands of dollars are added, and you want to find a solution to manage the excess roof space heat. The root cause of heat in the roof space is the lack of ventilation - the hot air in the roof space cannot escape, so it continues to cycle and get hotter and hotter.

Increasing roof ventilation helps eliminate excess roof space heat, easily avoiding excessive utility costs associated with roof heat and reducing the risk of roof damage. Although you can choose an electric attic fan, these will still increase your electricity bill and are often too powerful to pull cooling air out of your living space and outside the roof.

The ideal solution is a solar attic fan, relying only on solar energy. Solar attic fans rely only on solar energy, so they don't increase your electricity bill. Because they energize when the sun comes out, they work best on the hottest and brightest days when you need the attic ventilation most.

Once you install a solar attic fan, the continuous cost is extremely low because the fan only relies on natural solar energy and has no utility costs.

Reduce costs associated with home heating and cooling, and avoid roof damage by selecting solar attic fans to reduce roof space heat.



Solar attic fans provide the ideal way to keep the attic cool and protect your home from heat during the hottest months. Solar attic fans can also protect your roof and home structure by balancing indoor and outdoor temperatures during the winter months. Solar energy-only fans work best on the hottest days, relying on solar energy, requiring ventilation and conserving electricity.

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