Dubai's Green efforts increase solar power

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Solar water heater solar energy systemDUBAI: the power consumption in the context of the application of standards of green building has begun the implementation of solar systems in their activities and projects to save Dubai Municipality (DM).
The adoption of standards and specifications of the green buildings will create the best conditions for the sustainable development through best practices for life, said Hussain Nasser Lootah, Director-General of the DM.
"Through the implementation of the new solar system, the civic body excellent service reduce the large consumption of natural resources such as water and electricity supplies", he added.
According to him, the exploitation of natural resources increased each year in line with the growth of the city. The municipality has the specifications and criteria to achieve the goal of a healthy buildings in Dubai.
"Priority is the civic body for the use of energy-saving, natural ventilation and lighting in the corridors and for availability of buildings, glazing to the rays of the Sun, which reduces thermal emissions and use to protect high standard colors and other materials for health and the environment," he stressed.
"For the first stage, the decision the standards, issued by green buildings on the entire public buildings and facilities in Dubai the compulsory in accordance with the rules and regulations of the green buildings in the civic body in the year 2010" Lootah said.
"In this context is the technology of the solar system in villas, labor accommodation, hotel buildings and educational institutions, which, in turn, save energy and protect the environment can was executed", he added.
According to the survey of the DM of the building Department will be performed, Dubai for the solar system is project because it has a sunny weather with high solar power in most days. "The use of the solar system is called heat a wonderful economic mean for large buildings to water."
Khalifa Abdulla Hareb, Director, who Department, said: "A technical guide to the DM was prepared for the design and use of solar panels for water heating in all types of buildings, as well as the instructions of his installation, operation, maintenance, and protection."
This "special solar heating for the swimming pool, the permit for installation of companies from affected departments and regular cleaning and maintenance service of the equipment includes the requirements for solar system such as, for example, the consent of DCL, alternative heating system in the case of the non-availability of solar energy, minimal use of the solar energy system," he says elaborated.
Hareb said the civic body has requested many manufacturers and suppliers of solar water heaters with the technical and safety requirements to ensure comply with the application of the best international standards.
"According to the feasibility study, the investment will after two to five years profitable compared to the current electrical system, depending on the type of building and exploitation of heating," he said.
The DM has the solar system in many of its prestigious projects as the Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Olympic complex project, the world swimming Cup hosted recently, where they could save 81.5 percent of the energy compared to electricity used.
Dubai Municipality called for all engineering offices, contracting companies, manufacturers and suppliers to find the best solution for the solar heating systems in line with the local climate use, to propose the appropriate version with completely safe benefits, without any effect on the aesthetics of buildings and with the available land.


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