Do solar attic fans run all the time?

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Do solar attic fans run all the time?

Yes, as long as there is sunlight, the solar panel will always absorb solar energy, supply power to the fan, and make it run. At night, the fan will stop working.

If you don't need the solar fan to work during the day, we can add a fixed temperature control. For example, the temperature is set at 25 degrees Celsius before leaving the factory. Then when the indoor temperature exceeds 25 degrees Celsius, the fan starts to work.

On the contrary, if you need the solar fan to work normally at night, then we can add a power adapter with an intelligently controlled temperature switch.

When there is sunlight, the fan relies on solar panels to supply power.

When there is no sunlight, it will automatically switch to the adapter for power supply, but at this time the adapter is controlled by the temperature. If the set temperature is 25°C, when the temperature reaches 25°C, the adapter supplies power and the fan starts to work. If the temperature is lower than 25°C, the adapter will not supply power.

Through intelligent temperature control, power consumption is reduced.

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