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The light-colored, white or ivory, rarely is recommended for absorbers of solar collectors more. However, the recent development of solar technology with patented perforated solar air heating solar wall glass makes it possible without having to bear the costs of dark paint or alter the aesthetics of the building of 26,000 square meters of outdoor. The solar air heater is closer to a wall of Windows in a solar collector to Plastech, a Sherbrooke, Quebec division of the Group of integration of my supplied interior molded by injection and sealing for automotive parts.
Lubi Plastech wall heating solar air, manufactured by Enerconcept technologies, has a power of 80.7 efficiency by the Canadian Standards Association. On a black surface, the Lubi is 20 percent more efficient than other nominal wall solar glass or metal collectors. In a white wall such as Plastechs, however, the Lubi is 58 per cent more efficient.
With darker colors, the collector can provide the temperature of the air to 81 degrees F (45 degrees C) above ambient outdoor and maximum outputs of 254 BTU/h/ft2 (800 watts/m2). Since its installation in Plastech closure system services by the end of 2010, an increase in temperature of 45 degrees F (25 degrees C) was measured in the sunny days, a performance that was previously unknown in the solar industry for a white collector. Performance statistics Lubi are certified by the center of national Solar test (NSTF), a Mississauga, Ont laboratory. based third tests and solar technologies in the rates of temperature control / solar / wind and is sanctioned by the Solar Rating and certification Corp. (SRRC).
"For Plastech, solar air heater has been a good way to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions, preserve the environment and the maintenance of a comfortable workplace for our employees," said Stéphane Tremblay, general manager of Plastech.
With walls dark as absorbent is recommended for efficiency optimal solar performance, however, the inherent disadvantages of performance of light color Plastech wall were compensated with a 40 percent larger collector. After incentives of natural resources Canada and a discount of the Fund of energy efficiency (EPS) of the company's natural gas, Gaz Metro, the recovery of the investment in the project is four years. In addition to $6,000 in annual savings, the manifold reduces emissions of CO2 in a 15 Plastech tons / year.
How does the system work?
Installed by Sherbrooke, Quebec based on metal contractor RTSI, 90 x 24 meters high wall solar collector has crystal clear that from afar looks like Windows. The Sun radiates through the glazing, where it is absorbed through the wall of the building of corrugated steel. The efficiency of the Lubi is attributed to its patented design with 906 holes by 3 x 1 meters long (900 x 320 mm) Panel. As the indoor fan collected draws hot air through the collector of six inches deep, ambient air is based through the holes and cooling panels. Unlike other mounted on the wall solar collectors who suffer the loss of heat through the significant glazing or metal facade, the cooling of the air flow panel minimizes heat loss and increases efficiency.
When heat required 5,500 square meters Plastech, three-door boarding area, motorized gate of the plenum box houseplant mix opens and 7,000 cubic feet per minute fan extracts heat solar collector area through duct. The hot air is distributed through 36 inches in diameter Duratex, a non-porous fabric manufactured by DuctSox air dispersion system. Lightweight duct does not have any dissemination through the plant until it enters the area of expedition, where an array of high band of holes in linear diffusion along the bottom of the duct to disperse air evenly.
Fabric ductwork hangs with an approximately two metres of cable suspension system below 24 feet of roof. If the area of transport does not reach its set temperature of 69'F (21 C) heat solar collector, a second motorized damper opens to add recovered room floor heat production through the machinery of the pipeline system itself. The heat of the injection molding process is broad enough that exhausted surplus Plastech and does not require a dedicated to the area of production during the winter heat source.
If the combination of solar heat recovery and still you can not meet the point temperatures boarding area, and then a propane gas heater by Reznor, acts as a source of support. Normally, the solar collector and heat recovery supply all the needs of the shipping zone heating and therefore reduces the future gas consumption of heating undertaking to close to zero, according to Yann Rouleau, plant manager.
Johnson Controls direct digital controller controls the heating process and operated doors Aircontrols Belimo and fan of 7,000 cubic feet per minute of mixing box, manufactured by the LFI Canarm division.
As the HVAC project coordinator, Leprohon, a Sherbrooke, Quebec based mechanical contractor, solved various challenges. Leprohon manufactured sheet metal ductwork to circumvent a crane machinery that shares a common wall surroundings with the solar collector. In addition, the northern part of shipment required fabric ducting installation surface cross the width of the building to South of the manifold side optimum location sun exposure.
The area of quality of the sending of the indoor air (IAQ) that is affected by the truck at idle, now receives a minimum of two air changes per hour, double what the local code requires, but no cost of fossil fuel energy Plastech.
The addition of solar heating wall offers multiple advantages to Plastech. Throughout its minimum of 15 years of life cycle, to get at least $90,000 (based on 2011 energy prices) on estimates of annual energy savings and kill more than 300 tons of CO2 emissions from the environment and at the same time providing employees with a better comfort of indoor air.

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