Common problems of 100% solar air conditioner

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Common problems of 100% solar air conditioner


The DC48V 100% solar air conditioner is an independent off-grid solar system that uses a DC48V compressor to convert light energy into electrical energy using its own solar panels for independent operation of air conditioning equipment. Applicable to areas that are often interrupted when there is no power supply or power supply.




Q: What is included?

A: Includes the indoor unit and the outdoor unit, PV panels, batteries, charge controller or connecting lines. We can offer the complete systems.


Q: Can I order from you air conditioner alone but purchase the solar accessories at another place?

A: Yes, it is optional


Q: Do you have AC/DC Hybrid solar air conditioner which not require battery?

A: Yes, we have. Please check with our sales.


Q: How many solar panels and batteries do I need to run your off-grid solar air conditioner?

A: Depending on how many hours per day the system will need to operate.The longer you require the systems to run after the sun goes down the more panels and bigger batteries are needed. Check with our sales for details.


Q: Do I need inverter?

A: No. We use 100% DC components. No inverter needed, no energy loss, save cost.


Q: What about coastal or salt-air corrosion?

A: All units manufactured  have anti-corrosion air conditioner technology included as a standard feature.


Q: Do you have other sizes?

A: Yes,we have 9000btu,12000btu,18000btu and 24000btu for your choose.


Q: How big room can your off-grid hybrid solar air conditioner unit heat/cool?

A: It depends on many things, but you may refer as below

9000btu up to 15

12000btu up to 22

18000btu up to 35

24000btu up to 47 



The above are some of the questions about 100% solar air conditioners that you often encounter. If you still have other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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